Professional Services Award

This award will look at businesses that demonstrate excellence in the professional services sector, that can show evidence of strong financial performance, excellent customer services and can identify what sets them apart from their competitors.Open to organisations of any size, entries are encouraged from those that can demonstrate their accomplishments are creating value in any aspect of their practice matters.

There is no definitive list of occupations, but examples include accountants, architect,dentists, engineering, healthcare, law, IT, investment and finance and training

  1. Describe your business and how it stands out from others in the sector.
  2. Give details of your growth and stability to date since your business started
  3. Professional services rise or fall on the people their recruit and retain. Provide details of how you ensure you get – and hang onto – the right staff and their effectiveness.
  4. Outline your plans for future sustainability, innovation and growth

We will also need figures for your revenue growth, turnover and profit for 2017/2018